By Veronika Höller

As a seasoned Digital Marketing Manager with years of trench warfare in the digital realm under my belt, I’ve had the unique privilege of sitting on both sides of the awards table. Whether it’s orchestrating campaigns that break the mold or dissecting submissions as a judge, the journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Through this lens, I’ve garnered insights into what transforms an entry from just another submission into an award magnet. Here’s the lowdown, straight from the trenches.

The Entry: Your Campaign’s Frontline

First things first, your entry is essentially your campaign donning its finest armor, ready for battle. It’s all we, as judges, get to see of the blood, sweat, and pixels you’ve poured into your project. This is where many fall at the first hurdle, treating the entry as a mere formality rather than the golden ticket it is. The trick? Craft it with the same zeal you reserve for your most crucial campaigns.

Rules: The Battlefield Guidelines

Every battle has its rules, and digital marketing awards are no different. Overlooking the submission guidelines is akin to sending your troops out with a map to the wrong battlefield. It’s not just about avoiding disqualification; it’s about demonstrating respect for the process and ensuring your entry is evaluated on a level playing field. Stick to the word limits, adhere to the format, and make every word count.

Supporting Evidence: Your Artillery

In this arena, your claims are only as strong as the evidence backing them up. Supporting documents and screenshots aren’t optional; they’re your heavy artillery. They bolster your narrative, providing tangible proof of your campaign’s impact and creativity. Use them wisely to illustrate your achievements and the innovative strategies that got you there.

Tailor Your Entries: No One-Size-Fits-All Armor

Rehashing the same entry across multiple categories is a common folly. It’s tempting to save time with a copy-paste job, but remember, each category is a different beast with unique criteria. Customizing your submission to fit each category is not just about playing by the rules; it’s about respecting the nuances of each battle you choose to fight.

Storytelling: The Soul of Your Campaign

Here’s where many entries miss the mark. An effective submission doesn’t just list achievements; it weaves a compelling narrative. As judges, we crave stories—tales of adversity, innovation, and triumph. Dive into the challenges you faced, the strategic pivots you made, and how you shattered expectations. This is your moment to bring us into the heart of your campaign, to make us feel the highs and the lows, and ultimately, why your campaign deserves to triumph.

In Conclusion: Beyond Just Winning

Crafting an award-winning entry is an art form that goes beyond the mechanics of marketing. It’s about storytelling, strategic evidence presentation, and a meticulous adherence to guidelines. But more importantly, it’s a reflection of your passion for digital marketing and the impact of your work.

Remember, each submission is a learning curve, an opportunity to refine your craft. Winning is the cherry on top, but the true victory lies in the journey—pushing boundaries, sparking innovation, and setting new benchmarks in the digital marketing landscape.

So, to my fellow digital marketers gearing up for your next awards submission, arm yourselves with these insights. May your entries not just participate but dominate. Here’s to crafting narratives that resonate, strategies that inspire, and campaigns that leave a mark long after the awards have been handed out.

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