Nicky Wake

Sarah Belcher Default Image Sarah Belcher Alt Image

Sarah Belcher
Senior Event Manager

Kyle Baldwin Default Image Kyle Baldwin Alt Image

Kyle Baldwin
Graphic Designer

Helen Barkley Default Image Helen Barkley Alt Image

Helen Barkley
Managing Director

Jo Diver Default Image Jo Diver Alt Image

Jo Diver
Data Analyst

Leenesha Friend Default Image Leenesha Friend Alt Image

Leenesha Friend
Marketing Manager

Stephanie Gianfriglia Default Image Stephanie Gianfriglia Alt Image

Stephanie Gianfriglia
Account Executive

Michelle Graham Default Image Michelle Graham Alt Image

Michelle Graham
Finance Manager

James Harding Default Image James Harding Alt Image

James Harding
Head of Creative

Kate Worsey Default Image Kate Worsey Alt Image

Kate Worsey
Event Executive

Sue Johns-Chapman Default Image Sue Johns-Chapman Alt Image

Sue Johns-Chapman
Content Marketing Manager

Joseph Kilner Default Image Joseph Kilner Alt Image

Joseph Kilner
Account Executive

Sarah Power Default Image Sarah Power Alt Image

Sarah Power
Operations Manager

Alex Rimmer Default Image Alex Rimmer Alt Image

Alex Rimmer
Head of Events

Beth Sedgwick Default Image Beth Sedgwick Alt Image

Beth Sedgwick
Event Manager

Jordan Wilkinson Default Image Jordan Wilkinson Alt Image

Jordan Wilkinson
Account Executive

Emily Winders Default Image Emily Winders Alt Image

Emily Winders
Event Assistant


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