Don’t Panic organise and delivers over 30 awards each calendar year and we’re always looking to recruit industry experts to join our esteemed panel of judges.

Could that be you?

If you specialise in marketing, digital, or tech, we welcome your application to join one of our judging panels. We hand-pick our judges based on their expertise, insight and experience to ensure they’re able to examine every aspect of a campaign, from concept to audience experience.

Why judge?

Joining a judging panel is a great way to continue to build personal and professional development. You’ll receive exclusive insights into industry trends, the opportunity to review campaigns from the brightest industry minds and enjoy networking with fellow judges.

What’s involved?

You’ll be expected to undertake at least one day of pre-judging and one half-day video conference judging session.

Judging the awards is voluntary and we do not offer financial payment for the service.

You will receive an invitation to attend the awards event or, if the event you have judged is virtual, you’ll have the option to attend one of our live events.

All judges receive a judges’ badge for use across their social channels as well as the opportunity to contribute content across our extensive network.

The Awards Trust Mark

Don’t Panic awards are certified ethical thanks to The Independent Awards Standards Council’s Trust Mark Scheme. The code of conduct guides our judges and our processes and ensures we always provide the highest level of transparency and fairness.