Are you an industry leader, influencer or expert in your field?

Don’t Panic run over 25 awards each year, we are always looking to recruit to our judging panel.

If you are an industry expert and have over 5 years’ experience, we would welcome your application to join one of our judging panels. We particularly welcome applications from client side or in-house experts as we endeavour to make our judging panels as diverse as possible.

Why judge? Several of our judges have described it as literally the best CPD experience they get all year. By reading and scoring 30 – 40 entries you get an exclusive insight into industry trends, the opportunity to review leading industry campaigns and enjoy senior level peer networking with fellow judges.

We won’t lie, it’s hard work. It involves at least a day of pre-judging (we ruin many weekends each year!) followed by a half-day video conference judging session. In spite of this, many of our judges return year after year across numerous competitions so they must find it beneficial… or they just don’t know how to say no! 😉

We don’t pay our judges, nor do we charge judges as some unscrupulous awards competitions do. All Don’t Panic judges receive is an invitation to attend the awards event or another awards event if it’s virtual. Judges also receive a judges’ badge for use on their profile and social channels and an opportunity to blog or contribute on our channels.

Would you like to join one of our judging panels? Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.