Welcome to the Don’t Panic Trophy Shop!

Here you can purchase your duplicate winner trophies from past awards or arrange delivery of your original trophy if you were not able to attend the awards. Please select the event and quantity of trophies you wish to order below.

You can order multiple trophies for the same event, either for the same category or different categories. E.g. if you wish to order two trophies for either the same or different categories, please select ‘2’ in the quantity field. You will confirm the categories for each trophy ordered at a later stage.

There is also the option to arrange delivery of your trophy or silver certificate from an event you were not able to attend. To arrange delivery only, please choose the correct ‘Delivery Only’ option from the drop down below.

Further Information

Please note, your order will take 7–8 weeks to process**, produce and dispatch, which will be ordered two weeks after the event date so all orders are collated together to speed up the process.

Trophies will only be dispatched if full payment has been made. Your details will be verified and checked against your entry after ordering and we will contact you should there be an issue. Only winners may purchase a trophy.

**Due to the current climate, there is a slight delay in delivery of materials, so your order may take a little longer to arrive. We endeavour to get your orders to you as soon as possible.**

*Please note, duplicate trophy prices will increase 2 weeks after the event date due to order processing.