We LOVE getting involved with festivals because it means rubbing shoulders with cool bands and hot dogs!

Behind the glamour is the graft and the Don’t Panic collective is extraordinary. Fully equipped to organise the infrastructure for all types of outdoor events and festivals, we helped foster the “whiff of inclusive artiness” in Ramsbottom by curating three days of indie, ska and folk at the Ramsbottom Festival.

Using our knowledge and experience, we possess the confidence to advise on all matters of staging, usability and practicability of location, catering and, of course, entertainment in full accordance with health and safety legislation.

Don’t Panic has also worked on the New Islington Festival where music, food stalls, arts and crafts, and poets mingle in regenerated Ancoats, as well as the city-wide 2013 Dig the City, Manchester’s Urban Gardening Festival.

For STEM geeks and ScienceGrrls, we co-curated the award-winning Lancashire Science Festival with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

To put the cool into your outdoor event, contact us at Don’t Panic.

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