In today’s landscape businesses are seeking ways to enhance their brand and expand their network whilst also fostering meaningful connections with their target audience. At Don’t Panic we know first-hand that one highly effective strategy for achieving these goals is partnering with well-established, ethical, and transparent award ceremonies. So, why should you look to incorporate events in your marketing plans?

Build Trust and Credibility
Our award ceremonies have a proven track record of recognising excellence within the digital and tech community globally. Companies that align themselves with our events enhance their reputation and credibility by demonstrating their support for the community their audience belongs to. This is an excellent way to establish trust and authenticity.

Increased Brand Visibility and Exposure
Partnering with Don’t Panic offers an unparalleled amount of exposure to a highly engaged audience. We work hard to ensure all our award partners capitalise on the marketing opportunities we can offer not only on the night of the event but also pre- and post-event. This exposure leads to increased brand awareness and the opportunity to profile your services.

Position as Industry Leaders
Aligning your brand with our audience positions you as a leader in your field and ahead of your competition. Not only that but partnering with our events demonstrates that you celebrate excellence and innovation alongside your commitment to supporting and withholding industry standards.

Engage with your Target Audience
Each of our events attracts an audience comprising the very best in the digital and tech industry. Our event partners have found this to be an effective way of recruiting talent within their businesses. The event itself also creates opportunities for networking and meaningful engagement which over recent years has been missed.

The decision to sponsor well-established, ethical, and transparent award ceremonies can be a game-changer for companies seeking to enhance their brand’s visibility, credibility, and industry leadership. Additionally, supporting events that uphold ethical practices reinforces your commitment to withholding industry standards at an extremely high level.

Here’s what our sponsors have to say…

“We absolutely love partnering with Don’t Panic! Their event planning expertise is unparalleled, making the whole process seem effortless despite the immense effort behind the scenes. The team consists of highly skilled professionals in their respective fields, and their warm and friendly demeanour makes every interaction a delight. They always go the extra mile to cater to our specific needs, making them a truly exceptional and wonderful group of people to collaborate with.” – Diginius

“The Don’t Panic Awards have been a great investment for us – as a remote company we don’t often get to see our existing clients, so it’s a great place to catch up with them and have a drink together. It’s also a great avenue to meet new companies within our niche – we’ve won a lot of new clients at their events.” – Kadraa

“Our experience working with Don’t Panic has been overwhelmingly positive. Their enthusiasm for the industry and genuine desire to support and engage with their sponsors comes through in all that they do.” Eskimoz

If you would like to understand more about how partnering with a Don’t Panic event can assist you in achieving your marketing targets and objectives please do get in touch here.

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