Are you having trouble managing all your campaigns and those of your clients due to the overwhelming number of platforms and interfaces? Clever Ads’ SlackMS Teams and Google Chat Bot integrations offer high-value features designed to provide our users with maximum usability and productivity in their work environments. 

Once users install any of the 3 integrations, they gain access to their own personal dashboard where they can configure the bot, schedule reports and set up alerts. Users can also invite additional team members to use the application and enjoy the integration features.

These are three great tools not only for marketing teams managing ad campaigns for their own businesses, but also for ad agencies managing campaigns for other companies.

You can use the alerts features to be sure you won’t miss a thing. Set up as many alerts as you want by selecting your preferred advertising account, and then the preferred metric you want to track. 

Smart Reports will be your greatest ally when it comes to analyzing your own data and that of your customers. You won’t waste time jumping from one platform to another, downloading data and organizing it into clunky spreadsheets. With these automatic and customized reports, you will get daily/weekly summaries on metrics and data, through your preferred channel. Keep these Smart Reports on file and share them with your team. It is completely up to you!

Best of all…they’re free! Yes, you read that right — these three integrations, with which you will receive your desireddata and alerts in the channel of your choice (Slack, MS Teams or Google chat) are downloadable on our website, free of charge and 100% secure. Clever Ads promises you that the process is quick and easy. Both your own accounts and those of your customers will be safe and sound — this from a Premier Google Partner!

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