What is the Difference Between the Search Awards and the Agency Award Series?

It’s not a Search V Agency decision!

The Search Awards are key celebrations dedicated to the Search industry. The Awards are regarded as the premiere celebration of SEO, PPC and content marketing and attract hundreds of entries from leading search and digital agencies across the world. Launched in 2011 the series has grown from strength to strength and 2021 sees the 10 Year anniversary of the UK Search Awards.

The Agency Awards are a broader celebration of all agency types from PR to marketing to experiential; from digital to ecommerce and every agency type in-between. The Agency Awards want to celebrate all sectors and verticals, large and small; they reward campaigns and the teams that deliver them in their specified region, be that UK, Europe, US, MENA or Global

Which should You Enter?

Search v Agency Awards is not an either/or decision. The Awards compliment each other and are your opportunity to be a multiple award winner. Awards are proven to be transformative for business and they are great for attracting new clients, business development, team morale and, in a competitive job market, essential for recruitment. 

Both, Search and Agency awards are brought to you by Don’t Panic, recognised and respected awards organisers, who are proud members of the Awards Trust Mark. The entry forms for both Search and Agency awards are purposefully similar so that business that enter one, can easily enter the other. We understand that time is precious so with only a few minor alterations you can submit the same details and supporting documentation to both Awards and be judged ethically and fairly by relevant industry experts against robust criteria. 

Want to take on the world and show you are the best? Then the Global Search or Global Agency Awards should be your ultimate goal!

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